Pretty Little Liars is over: 5 ideas of spin-off that we would love to discover!

Cinema 3 July, 2017

While Pretty Little Liars has definitely said goodbye to her fans, the Melty editor offers you 5 spin-off ideas that we’d love to discover now that it’s over!

It is finished! Yes, the meltynauts, even if we knew that it was going to happen soon, the news is always as difficult to accept for fans of the first hour. The Liars will not be back every summer to offer us their adventures as epic as wacky and that, we will really miss it. While Melty’s editor suggested finding 10 questions that we will never have answered in Pretty Little Liars, we are almost confident that Marlene King will come back soon with a spin-off on Freeform. Here are 5 ideas of derived series that we would be delighted to discover on our small screen!

A spin-off on Mona
This is basically the basis of the bases! The Series Finale has ended on a sacred cliffhanger on this subject and we would be delighted to discover a new story in which Mona would be the heroine. Who would not want to follow the Parisian adventures of the young woman who should do everything to keep her secret intact? With Alex and Mary Drake still locked in the Dollhouse, the twists and turns would be clearly there. And that’s great since Marlene King recently confided that she would be going for a spin-off of this kind.

A spin-off on Wren
That would bring us its share of revelations! Indeed, before becoming a diamond around the neck of Spencer’s evil twin, Wren had a real thunderbolt for Alex. Despite this undeniable attraction, we still have difficulty understanding how the young man could turn against Spencer as easily. We would be delighted to go back in time to discover the encounter of the two lovers, the doubts that had to assault him, his vision of things whether in a spin-off or a limited series.

A spin-off on Alison’s cavalry
When we think about it well, we do not know much about the years when Alison claimed to be dead. It is a huge white in its history that we missed and we must admit that we really want to discover it. Moreover, it could also allow us to see Noel Kahn, who had an essential role in his cavalry.

A spin-off on Charlotte, Archer, Wren and Alex
As we learned in the Finale Series, Charlotte, Archer, Wren and Alex have lived in London all together. And knowing the madness of these four characters, we would be delighted to discover their past adventures. Especially since Melissa also lived in England during that time and that his presence may well have put them spots in the wheels. Between twists, crushes and revelations, this spin-off has already enough to seduce us.

A spin-off on the Emison binoculars
Of course, it would be necessary to orchestrate a leap in time so that it is interesting but imagine the twins become adolescents in search of their origins. How could Emily and Alison explain to them that their father is none other than Wren and that they are there because their mother was inseminated without even knowing it? A heavy past that could completely upset the two girls! While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote so that your darling can win the 2017 World Cup.