Pretty Little Liars is over, what is it now?

Cinema 1 July, 2017

Difficult to recover from the stop of Pretty Little Liars? Do not panic ! Here are 5 series to watch now that the liars have unmasked A.D!

Pretty Little Liars was just cult! The series made us cry, laugh, surprised us and even annoyed sometimes but we loved our dear little liars. Season 7 episode of Pretty Little Liars marked the end of A.D’s game. Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Alison unmasked their stalker. Now they can live the normal, peaceful life they have dreamed for so long. If, of course, they deserve this tranquility, they will miss us. The mysterious side of the series, but also the friendship between the liars, their ever-fashionable outfits, their complicated love stories were a perfect mix that captivated us from episode to episode. But do not worry, other series will seduce you and excite you. The editor of melty has selected 5 to watch so that the absence of Pretty Little Liars is less difficult to bear!


If you were fans of Pretty Little Liars, we’re pretty sure you’ll be from Riverdale! Indeed, the series of Freeform and the new show of the CW have many points in common. First of all, the town of Riverdale is like that of Rosewood, perfect in appearance but as soon as you dig a little, many secrets are only to be discovered. Mysteries, friendships, stories of love and even betrayals are at the rendezvous. Impossible that you are not conquered!
13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why has already broken all records! The new Netflix series is one of the best shows of the moment. You will find again the very mysterious side of Pretty Little Liars and some Liberty High High School students will probably remind you of Alison in her dreaded queen bee period. 13 Reasons Why is overwhelming, moving, surprising and delicate. You will not be disappointed !

Some time ago, you were given 5 good reasons to watch the new episodes of Younger’s Season 4. The series is a breath of fresh air full of dynamism and positivity. If you especially like the unconditional friendship of the liars in Pretty Little Liars, you will be seduced by that of Liza and Kelsey. Not to mention that they have a sense of the world as sharp as Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison. In addition, between unexpected twists, stories of love and humor, Younger is THE series that will give us a smile this summer!

From the beginning of the school year, we will be able to discover a very promising series from the creator of Newport Beach, Gossip Girl or Hart of Dixie. The show will tell us the life of a very rich and powerful family, the Carrington family. The female characters in the series are likely to look as good as our favorite liars. Moreover, small family secrets should not be long to point the tip of their nose and to make everything shatter!
Life Sentence

If you are a fan of Pretty Little Liars, you will not be able to ignore the new series of Lucy Hale, who played Aria Montgomery in Freeform’s hit show. Once again, the actress will interpret a young woman, Stella, who will face the lies of her family. Reaching a terminal cancer, when she learns that she is finally cured, she will understand that her loved ones have spent 10 years lying to her to protect her. If the pitch seems already very interesting, there is no doubt that the nostalgic Pretty Little Liars will be delighted to find Lucy Hale in this new show.