Pretty Little Liars is soon over: The Spoby couple, meeting Charlotte and Archer in three excerpts of the ultimate episode!

Cinema 26 June, 2017

While Pretty Little Liars will very soon draw his bow to Freeform, discover three excerpts of the ultimate episode of the show!

It’s almost the end ! Yes, the meltynauts, it is time to prepare to live an evening as exceptional as terribly moving next Tuesday on Freeform . After seven years of good and loyal service, the Liars will reserve the final episode of their adventures. While Melty’s editor offered you to discover 6 questions we absolutely must have answers in the final episode of Pretty Little Liars , let’s go back in detail to the three extracts recently unveiled by the channel. First, we discover the couple Spoby who exchanges languorous looks. Toby explains to the pretty brunette that he looked for the meaning of the word she had written after their last meeting and that ” It meant ephemeral love. Would that mean that the couple will not have the right to his happy ending?
In the second excerpt, we discover the meeting of Charlotte and Archer Dunhill. The opportunity to know a little more about their relationship and what prompted Archer to marry Alison. And the least we can say is that they look really attracted to each other . Finally, in the last excerpt, it seems that we have made a leap in time since we discover the Lost Wood Resort refurbished. Alison and Spencer seem very accomplices and it is a pleasure to see. One thing is certain, we look forward to discovering AD’s identity. While waiting for more info, be sure to vote every day so that your favorite show can win the 2017 World Cup