Pretty Little Liars, it’s almost over: 6 questions that absolutely must find answers before the end!

Cinema 23 June, 2017

As Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars ends next week on Freeform, here are 6 questions that must absolutely find answers before the end!
Nostalgia! Yes, the Meltynauts, in less than a week, Pretty Little Liars will bow out after seven years of good and loyal service. A heart-wrenching news for those who literally grew up with the show and who have never ceased to be faithful to the epic adventures of our heroines. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of Season 7 episode 19 of Pretty Little Liars in which we learned that SPOILER had killed Charlotte , here are 6 questions we absolutely want answers before the end of the show !
1 / Who is AD?
This may sound obvious but if you’re downright hardcore fans, you know the answer has always been more complicated than it seemed. Because between Mona and CeCe aka Charlotte, we always believed that we had finally solved the mystery before another Big -A took the hand to torture our heroine. It is therefore essential that we have a definitive answer to this question . After seven years of waiting, we deserve it!
2 / What is going to happen for Mona?
If you followed “Farewell My Lovely” , you know that Mona has literally pounded the pellets approaching the board game. Becoming uncontrollable, she also confessed that she had killed Charlotte. Of course, she simply defended herself against her but the result is the same and it is clear that she will certainly have to pay for her crimes . Unless she returns to a psychiatric institute as we discovered in the promotional video unveiled by Freeform ?
3 / AD still has power over the Liars?
Yes, the meltynauts, in the last episode aired, the girls were glad to see the board game turn off and know that AD no longer had any power over them. But is this really the case? Hard to believe that the Big Bad of the show really decided to leave and leave them alone. Do the writers have a final secret to reveal or a final card to play? Patientions to discover it!
4 / Will we be attending another wedding before the end?
If the couple Haleb finally married in an intimate ceremony, will another union take place before the end of the series? Let us not forget that the beautiful Aria is still engaged to Ezra and that Spencer and Toby have recovered together . Everything is possible! Moreover, a few months ago, Marlene King had unveiled replicas of the last episode and it seemed clear that a couple was going to pass the rope to the neck in the Series Finale.
5 / What future for our heroines?
After having vibrated with them for so many years, we wholeheartedly hope that we will have a leap in time that will allow us to discover what they have done with their lives. Did they have children? What kind of career do they lead? Did she realize their dreams despite everything they had to endure for seven years? Some Flashforwards would be welcome so that we do not get frustrated.
6 / Will they get rid of -A for good?
Even if the series ends, it does not mean that -A, AD or whatever its pseudo, decides to finish with the liars. After all, the game has been handed down from hand to hand for years and we could imagine that it will continue for a very long time. That would not really offer happy ending to the liars . While waiting for next Tuesday, do not forget to vote for your favorite shw to win the 2017 World Cup on melty . What do you want to know before the end?