Pretty Little Liars: Lucy Hale (Aria) soon star of a new series of CW!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Good news for Lucy Hale fans! After the end of Pretty Little Liars, she will be back on the screens of the CW …
Bye Bye Freeform (fire ABC Family), hello the CW! Lucy Hale passes a string of teen shows to another in a snap and say “yes” ! After 7 years of good and loyal service in the skin of Aria Montgomery, the actress of 27 will soon leave her girlfriends Liars to fly on her own. Yes, no need to remind you, Pretty Little Liars will end at the end of its season 7 . As of April 18, you have an appointment with the final chapter of the show … It is a page that turns for all the fans of the series. But do not worry, Lucy Hale should not stay too long away from our screens … It explains everything.
It’s official, we should find very soon Lucy Hale on The CW! The actress will be the star of a drama (decidedly, it is fashion) pitch rather attractive. In Life Sentence , Lucy Hale lend his features to a young woman suffering from terminal cancer . Convinced that he still has long to live, it is played rather “yolo” , literally. Only then, Mademoiselle will discover that she is actually no longer ill. So, we have to assume … Frankly, it is hoped that the project will come and Life Sentence will be the right mix of drama and humor we love so much. You’re running! And in the meantime, find the latest spoilers on Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars .