Pretty Little Liars Season 7: 10 Questions We Will Never Answer!

Cinema 3 July, 2017

While Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars recently bowed to Freeform, back on 10 questions we will never have the slightest answer!

C’est fini ! Yes, the meltynauts, even if it is difficult to accept for the fans of the first hour, Pretty Little Liars has indeed made his curtsy after seven years of good and loyal services on Freeform. While many were delighted with the Finale Series, others were extremely disappointed. It must be said that the revelations were rather light compared to all the mysteries that had been disseminated during the series. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover the clues that should have jumped at us about the identity of A.D in Pretty Little Liars, let’s get back to 10 questions we will never have an answer to!

Why did Wren decide to turn against Spencer?
It is indeed a question that remains in suspense. Indeed, even if we can understand that Wren may have fallen in love with Alex, what could he have decided to help him to torture Spencer in this way? He who had very strong feelings for her for so many years! We would have loved that the Series Finale grants him the right to reveal his version of the facts to us instead of sending it all as quickly.
To whom did Melissa speak the day Alison was buried alive?

Remember, when we learned that Charlotte was -A, we saw a scene that would have occurred during the night when Alison was buried alive. There was Charlotte discussing with Melissa and getting caught. When the young woman revealed to the girls that she had been torturing them for years, she also categorically stated that she had never spoken to Melissa. But then, who was with Spencer’s sister that night? We’ll never know !
What were the real motives of Noel Kahn?

This is one of the biggest mysteries of this past season. Indeed, if Noel Kahn was always bizarre in the first seasons, he still helped Alison to escape and hide. Okay, he also put blood on Spencer when she was locked up in the doll house, but what happened that a few years later he decided to try to kill the Liars? According to Alex, Jenna would have recruited Noel to protect Charlotte’s sister, and according to her, he was also hungry for money. But it does not matter much to decide to become an assassin, right?
How did the mothers of the Liars escape from the basement?

Well, it’s true, we’re not overly curious about it, but it’s still an unanswered question. If the Series Finale had fun to make us want to know with a funny scene between the moms, it is none the less that Marlene King will never reveal to us what happened that night. One thing is certain, they are not proud of what they had to do to get by!
How could Spencer have forgiven Toby for having slept with Alex?

This is probably the question that haunts us the most! In the final episode, we learned that Alex had made himself Spencer on many occasions including Toby. The young man then slept with her without even realizing that it was not the one he had been in love with for years. How is it possible ? And, above all, how did Spencer get over this? We still do not know!
Why did Sara Harvey decide to help Charlotte at the beginning?

Sara Harvey will remain an enigmatic figure for ever so much her case has been underdeveloped throughout the series. We will never know why she agreed to wear the costumes of Black Widow and Red Coat from the start. Only hint: she would have been looking for Charlotte’s biggest treasure. But it’s still far too mysterious to our taste for someone who has been so important in the series.
How could Spencer know what book Toby was talking about?

This is one of the biggest inconsistencies of the Series Finale. As he threatens them with a gun, Toby decides to ask the one who is really Spencer to quote her favorite poem in the book she gave him. But we learned from the episode that it was Alex who had offered it to him. Are we heading toward a theory that Spencer is actually locked up in the dollhouse with Mary Drake? Not if one believes his accent!
Did Alex kill Yvonne?

Even before knowing the existence of Spencer’s evil twin, the rumors were on the go. For Internet users, Yvonne had necessarily been poisoned. After all, she was much better off before she died suddenly. Now that we know that Alex wanted Toby for herself alone, it would be consistent that she could decide to get rid of another rival. Unfortunately, we will never know the truth.
What happened between Mona and Caleb during the leap in time?

Remember, during a particularly bizarre scene in an elevator, Mona made a hint at least surprising about a possible rapprochement between Caleb and her. Later, they had breakfast together, using each other as if they had done this many times before. What do they hide from us? We’ll never know !
How did Aria get out after Shana’s death?

Seriously, how could Aria get away with this easily after killing Shana? Okay, it was self-defense but did not her parents have anything to do with the death of their daughter? What happened after this terrible tragedy? One thing is certain, some questions will never find an answer. While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote every day so that your favorite show can win the Series World Cup.