Pretty Little Liars Season 7: 8 revelations about the ultimate episodes of the series!

Cinema 27 March, 2017

While Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars will not return until April 18 on Freeform, discover 8 revelations about the ultimate episodes of the series!
What a spoiler! And yes, the meltynauts, after The Vampire Diaries, it’s time for Pretty Little Liars to bow out and even if we are downright sad at this idea, we are still looking forward to the latest episodes. Who gets his happy ending? Who is behind the scary pseudonym of Uber A? So many questions we desperately expect answers . While melty’s editor suggested that you find out what Aria’s reaction would be to Nicole’s return in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , the cast of Freeform’s flagship series was held at the Paley Fest . The opportunity to unveil us full of spoilers crisp on the following:
1 – No leap in time
There is no question of skipping the most important passages. So, we will find our Liars exactly where we left them last August, since they will all be in the hospital in order to get news from Spencer … but also from Toby.
2 – A great emotional eight
Let us say, this end of season should put us in all our states. As informative as they are terrible for our nerves, the final episodes promise to be memorable, as Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) confided : “There are so many things in each episode, there will be revelations, the great revelation Is also completely crazy and powerful, but we will also see how the relations will end, but especially we will discover that the small group had to remain very strong during these last ten episodes.
3 – Each actor has reacted differently to the Series Finale
If Janel Parrish (Mona) was inconsolable, Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) was speechless while Shay Mitchell (Emily) was downright impressed. Meanwhile, Ian Harding (Ezra) had trouble finding it all credible before realizing that everything was finally coherent a few hours after the end of filming while he was stuck in traffic jams .
4 – The Emison couple will be at the heart of the action
Prepare yourself, Emison should flourish in the latest episodes . “Emily is a ship that puts a lot of fans together,” said Shay Mitchell (Emily) while Marlene King gave clues about the couple’s future: “Alison never really had time to ask Questions about her sexuality and the last episodes should give her answers about her true gender identity. “Emily will play an important role in her questioning.”
5 – Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson are uncontrollable on set
Best friends in real life, the two actresses are uncontrollable when they have to play a scene together . They laugh so much that the technical team has already become annoyed several times but their complicity sometimes makes them lose their seriousness.
6 – The sex scene Haleb was not romantic at all to turn
“I think the Haleb was meant to be together, it was cool to have fun with the Spaleb but the Haleb is clearly in phase,” says Tyler Blackburn while Ashley Benson remembers shooting the sex scene: “It was not at all romantic but we did our best, we had a playlist that was playing at that time and Tyler had chosen the songs.” It was weird to play a sex scene in front of an entire team and Without clothes so we had our iPhone playing and we just sweated near the fire. ”
7 – Everyone will not be entitled to his happy ending
“Nobody will have a happy birthday, but without obstacles, the happy ending would not be worth it.” Many fans will say, “Why can not they just be happy? Who wants to see them as badly? “There will be a lot of struggles because you have to deserve a happy ending” tease Dougherty.
8 – The cast has plenty of ideas about a potential revival
If Ian Harding does in simplicity by confiding that he would just like a suite, Marlene King would like to shoot a glamorous movie in Paris. An idea that seduces Shay Mitchell who would adore that -A pursue the liars until France . One thing is certain, we are eager to know the last secrets of the series. While waiting for more information, discover a new teaser that focuses on 4 potential suspects in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on Melty. What do you think of these revelations?