Pretty Little Liars Season 7: A and his revenge are only hallucination, the WTF theory!

Cinema 6 May, 2017

And if A did not really hesitate and the liars had never experienced all those terrible things that made them undergo in Pretty Little Liars? This is the WTF theory of the week!
Last week, in episode 13 of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, another heartbreaking death occurred in Rosewood. Indeed, Toby’s wife, Yvonne, died as a result of his injuries caused by the car accident, probably orchestrated by A. Since the disappearance of Alison and Aria’s return to the small town, terrible things are happening But also to Spencer, Emily, Hanna and the other residents of Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars . One wonders why the small town was not deserted! Many fans of the Freeform hit series may have found the answer to this question and finally think they have solved the mystery of the show. Everything that happened to the liars all these years is simply not real. A and his plays would only be hallucinations of a Radley patient in Pretty Little Liars . This is the WTF theory of the week!
Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer or Allison go well and have long lived a very quiet life in the quiet little town of Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars . Can you really imagine that? Hardly, is not it? Yet some show aficionados think that all that the liars have gone through is just a nightmare or hallucination of a Radley patient. That would explain a lot of things, notably the revelations a little drawn by the hair and also the fact that the psychiatric hospital is at the heart of the show. However, it is doubtful that Marlene King, the showrunner, has chosen this option a little too easy. We would really stay on our hunger with such a conclusion. We are expecting something much more complex and spectacular. But let us not forget that nothing is impossible. We will meet you next Tuesday to discover episode 14 in which the identity of the murderer of Mrs. DiLaurentis will finally be revealed. And in your opinion, is it possible that the whole story of Pretty Little Liars is merely a hallucination?