Pretty Little Liars Season 7: A leap in time, a musical number, full of info on the ultimate episodes!

Cinema 11 January, 2017

While Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars will be the last of the series, Marlene King has revealed plenty of crisp info on the final episodes of the show!

The countdown begins ! And yes meltynautes in a few months, we will say goodbye to the most emblematic series of Freeform . As of April 18th, the fans will attend the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars and to make us wait, Marlene King decided to play card on the table and to reveal a lot of unpublished news. While the editorial ‘of melty offered you to become one of the heroines of the season 7 of Pretty Little Liars your turn , go back over the details of Marlene King site TVLine. First, know that AD will always be tweaked : “.. The last part of the series will be like a board game in which the liars will be forced to play The stakes will be very high” As for favorite pairs of fans, all hope is not lost: “Couples who are destined to be together find the way that leads them to each other, however, there will be many surprises.” Other info, there will be again a good time very soon: “There will be a leap in time a year before the series is over.” In addition, the cast may well make us sing: “One of the last episodes will focus on a musical number in which the cast will show us all his vocal qualities.”
Secondly, we finally see the scene that launched the leap in time of five years: “The series will catch the famous flash-forward in which the Liars come save Alison alone in her class we’ll come back to that moment. to understand everything . ” Moreover, the character of Alison should undergo a great change: “The redemption of Alison will be explored and we will discover many secrets about DiLaurentis family that will make past actions understandable and even forgivable.” Finally, Shay Mitchell told fans that have all their questions answered … except one : “Fans will each have answers to their questions from the beginning the only thing that will remain a mystery, c ‘. Is how the mothers of the Liars escaped from the basement in which they were locked up. One thing is certain, all this has put us in the mouth. Pending further information, see the new promotional video of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars on melty. What do you think of these unpublished revelations?