Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 17, Is Mona really allied with the Liars? Our criticism

Cinema 7 June, 2017

Last night, the Freeform American channel broadcast episode 17 of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. Then discover our criticism of “Driving Miss Crazy”.
There was good and much less good in this new season 7 episode of Pretty Little Liars . As we approach the final series, we find that the rhythm of the series is still a bit slow and there are always more questions than answers at the end of the episodes. Aria is still part of the AD team in episode 17 of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , and she has to do one more mission if she does not want a police report she draws falls into the hands of police. This is a document that accuses Ezra of misappropriation of a minor and could therefore end up in prison. After frightening Emily and Alison, it’s Spencer’s turn to suffer the bad side of Aria. She drops a phone that contains a record that will create great discord within the Hastings, but that will still have the benefit of bringing together Spencer and Mary Drake. If Aria recovers the document that could put Ezra behind bars, Spencer discovers that his father plotted with Jessica DiLaurentis to kill Mary Drake.
Definitely, Spencer’s father is truly a filthy trash, and it costs her post as Senator to Mrs. Hastings who is scared of scandal. If Spencer had a lovely scene with his biological mother, it does not make a big difference to the story and one wonders if the Liars will one day discover that Aria betrayed them to protect themselves. Can we re-trust Aria now that she has retrieved the document? Will AD let her get away with it so easily? The other character on which our doubts are evident is of course Mona. In episode 15, when Hanna asked Mona to help them, we were delighted. Already because we adore the character of Mona, but also because it seems indeed to be the most qualified to discover who is AD. However, after this new episode, We do not know what to think. Is Mona a real ally or hidden enemy? She shows good will in front of everyone – even though none of Liars except Hanna wants her help – but her behavior at the end of the episode is suspicious to say the least.
First, she is at the Brew and seems to watch Aria as she recovers her piece of the puzzle. Then she acts in a very strange way when Emily comes to find her in front of her house. It shows that Mona does not want Emily to enter her apartment and when we finally see inside, we understand why. Are we going to get into the landmark of AD or has Mona been working from the beginning to unmask the new harasser of the girls? It must be admitted that all the documents she possesses as well as the presence of shovels in her apartment could have given a false image of her to Emily, knowing that she barely trusts him. We hope in any case that Mona is not AD because good, it was already the intrigue of the first seasons!
The good news of the episode comes from Caleb and Hanna who are now engaged , after the latter made a beautiful and moving statement to Hanna in front of her mother. The two lovebirds then decided to recreate the magic of the night when they lost their virginity together, a nice little moment of nostalgia that we enjoyed – much more than this awful musical sequence that arrived from nowhere. If one is happy for Hanna and Caleb, one also remembers that the series is not yet finished and AD can still put them spots in the wheels. There are now only three episodes in season 7 of Pretty Little Liars – we do not know you but it is hard to believe – and we really hope that the pace will accelerate for this last straight. What did you think of this episode?