Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 20, SPOILER is AD!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While the final episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has just been released, we have finally learned who AD is!
This is the most anticipated answer! Yes, the meltynauts, after seven years of good and loyal service, the fans had the pleasure to discover the last episode of the show of Freeform . And if you wanted real answers, you were served in particular about the identity of AD. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover the last spoilers concerning the final episode of season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , It was Spencer’s twin. In fact, Mary Drake gave birth to two babies. And she sold one of them in order to escape from Radley . Several years later, Wren met Alex Drake. In love with her, He introduced Charlotte and Archer Dunhill. Together, they traveled all the way to Charlotte, missing the game and decided to return to Rosewood.
Despite his love for his sister, Charlotte refused to let Alex accompany him and even forbade him to approach the Hastings. But when Charlotte died, she could not resist and she invited herself to the city taking her sister’s identity. And when Wren tried to warn the girls, she decided to kill him. So Alex gave one last kiss to Toby, who was present during the kidnapping of Hanna and who slept with Toby in his cottage. She was jealous of the existence of her sister and especially, she wanted Toby. Some Internet users had found the right answer . Stay connected all day long as we are going to live a special PLL day to celebrate the end of a series that will have marked a generation. Meanwhile, n ‘ Do not forget to vote for your favorite show to win the Series World Cup on melty . What do you think of the revelation of AD’s identity?