Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 20, SPOILER is the father of the babies of Alison and Emily!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

While the final episode of Pretty Little Liars has just been released, know that we finally know the identity of the father of the babies of Alison and Emily!
What? Yes, the meltynauts, while we thought that nothing could surprise us in the Final Series of Freeform’s flagship show , we were clearly wrong since the revelation of the identity of the father of the babies of the couple Emison was at least unexpected. While Melty’s editor suggested that you find out who was AD in episode 20 of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars , know that Spencer’s evil twin had absolutely everything. And if she was madly in love with Toby, she had not forgotten the one who had allowed her to discover her origins: Wren. So it was without any hesitation that she took her semen to mix with Emily’s ova.
In other words, we had not seen it coming at all. But then, will Emily and Alison eventually discover the truth? Probably not ! One thing is certain, the last episode of Pretty Little Liars was rich in revelations and emotions . No doubt that fans of the first hour will have to take the time necessary to mourn a series that will have accompanied them for seven years. But who knows? We may be entitled to a new generation as suggested in the last minutes of the episode. Stay tuned, the special day PLL continues! In the meantime, do not forget to vote for your favorite show to win the 2017 World Cup on melty . What do you think of this revelation?