Pretty Little Liars season 7: Episode 20, the end of the game, our critic of the final series!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

Last night, Freeform released the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars! Then discover our critique of this double episode titled “Til deAth do us pArt”.
Well, it’s over … After seven years of suspense, mystery, intrigue nonsensical and completely WTF revelations, Pretty Little Liars bowed out last night on Freeform with a double episode . This episode is, in the image of this season, composed of many lengths and moments a little useless to the plot whereas the revelations are given to the lance-thrower so much that we hardly have time To assimilate them. It must be admitted that not much is going on during much of the episode. We find the Liars a year after the events of episode 19 of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars . Aria and Ezra are getting ready to marry. Hanna and Caleb are in cold as Hanna insists on looking after Mona. Spencer approached his mother and especially his sister Melissa. While Alison and Emily are the proud mothers of binoculars, Lily and Grace – yes, even binoculars, is a bit the theme of the episode.
Things are accelerating from the moment when Caleb said, speaking of Mona: “What kind of damage can she do in one night?” . Well, Caleb, know that many things can happen in one night, have you learned nothing from these last seven seasons? And, in fact, this is where the action begins – finally – since we begin to see double. Spencer, after being struck violently by Mona, finds herself locked in a cell and discovers her twin, Alex Drake or AD for the intimates . Our intuitions were therefore the dear meltynauts, Spencer indeed has a twin sister and it is she who tortured them since the death of Charlotte, her half-sister. And that’s where we would have liked a little more time on Alex’s backstory, Which is unfortunately too quickly dispatched. As for Charles / Charlotte / Cece at the end of season 5, the series does not leave us time to explore the character. At least Mona had come to know her.
So, Alex is well and truly determined to take the life of his sister because she has everything she has ever had: friends, a family and Toby. Admittedly, Alex Drake does not seem to have had an easy life, since Mary Drake first sold her and her adoptive parents left her in an orphanage after discovering that she had a difficult behavior. But does this justify all this torture and murder? Also, if the game of Troian Bellisario is really at the top, we would still have gone well of this British accent which is really too much. It is finally thanks to Jenna and Mona that the Liars will be able to discover the truth and to save Spencer and Ezra from the clutches of Alex .
But if you thought the final series of Pretty Little Liars was going to leave us on a pretty emotional end, think again . While the girls have just said goodbye because Aria leaves on honeymoon, we find ourselves in “France” . If, yes, there is written “bakery” on the building and Mona wears a beret, it is necessarily France. It turns out that Mona has indeed won the game but that she also took it since in her basement are locked Mary and Alex Drake … Wait what ?! And that’s not all, the very last scene of the series is a repeat of the very first scene, But this time with the new generation of teenage girls and it is the Addison plague that has disappeared. We really hope with all our strength that they will not offer us a spin-off with the same story but with a new generation … We did not come here to suffer, okay ?!
There are still a lot of good times in “Til deAth do us pArt” . The episode offered us a lot of winks to the other seasons, including the very first episode, such as the conversation between Melissa and Spencer, Toby and Spencer playing scrabble, and so on. A really nice touch for the fans of the first hour and that makes us all nostalgic and takes us back to that moment when we thought we were still discovering who was -A at the end of the first season – haha . The winks and various humorous touches scattered here and there help to make sure that the plot is not taken too seriously . The idea of ​​having the mothers who meet up and talk about that night when they were locked in the cellar is really good and shows that the series is not afraid to laugh on its own. We also laughed in front of the cameo of Marlene King, the creator of the show, during Ezria’s wedding.
In the end, we are not really disappointed by this episode because we are used to all the crazy side of Pretty Little Liars and it has long been accepted that everything did not necessarily make sense. The scene that has moved us most will remain where the girls say goodbye to the streets of Rosewood, because we feel that their tears are those of the actresses and that it sounds for them the end of a very beautiful adventure . We regret much that the series does not end on this, because, between us, we really did not need the two scenes that followed and that came to spoil this beautiful moment of emotion and nostalgia. This series made us rage, laugh, Screaming and sometimes even crying for seven seasons, and even if we sometimes looked at her with a mocking eye or we spent hours saying nothing was meaningless, we would miss a bit. What series will offer us our dose of improbable, funny and surprising content with actresses dressed as well? What did you think of this last episode?