Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Hanna and Caleb, three reasons that prove that the couple is endgame!

Cinema 13 February, 2017

While Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars will be back on April 18, here are three reasons that Hanna and Caleb are endgame!
It’s almost the end ! And yes the meltynauts, in a few months, we will have to say goodbye to the most emblematic series of Freeform . And the closer the end, the more we imagine the craziest scenarios to conclude a show that has kept us going for more than seven years. While Melty’s editor was wondering if one of Sept 7’s heroines of Pretty Little Liars was going to die before the end of the series , the couple formed by Hanna and Caleb was a real engine for the series. Very fond of their love relationship, fans had a hard time accepting that Caleb could decide to try his luck with Spencer. While the couple Haleb finally reconciled at the end of the first part of the seventh season, here are 3 reasons that prove they are endgame!
A first love
It is a true fairy tale that accompanied the first steps of the couple. And if the lies have sometimes been there, it did not stop them from falling madly in love with each other for the first time. Difficult to forget his first love and even when these two tried to move on, they never succeeded, always returning to each other . In spite of the quarrels and the trials, they have not been able to move on, their love is deep and sincere. With such a connection, how could they not spend their life together?
Their complicity
We are not going to hide it, we all dream of living a love story with someone who understands all of us and who guesses us with a glance. That’s exactly what Hanna and Caleb share. From the beginning, they were on the same wavelength managing to make themselves happy without saying a single word . Still today, everything is easy between them testifies Caleb’s love declaration in the final mid-season of season 7. He knows everything about Hanna and he likes both his qualities and his flaws. Is not that great love?
Replicas unveiled
If you followed the latest spoilers unveiled by Marlene King, you know that the executive producer shared a replica that happens at a wedding celebrating the eternal love of one of the emblematic couples in the series. If Marlene King did not reveal the identity of this couple, everything leads to believe that it could be Haleb so much the replica resembles the personality of the pretty blonde : “If you do not stop looking at me Like that, I would never be able to say my wishes without chirping ” One thing is certain, we wholeheartedly hope that our heroines will be happy in the Final Series. In the meantime, learn about Marlene King’s confidences about the identity of -A in Pretty Little Liars on melty. Do you think the couple Haleb will be endgame?