Pretty Little Liars Season 7: The return date of the last episodes of the series finally unveiled!

Cinema 19 November, 2016

As the season of Pretty Little Liars 7 will be the last in the series, see the date of return of the last episodes of the show flagship Freeform!

pretty-little-liars-saison-7-episode-11-7x11Rosewood Goodbye! And yes meltynautes in some less, the most iconic series of Freeform will bow out after seven years of loyal service. A huge disappointment for all of the most diehard fans of complicated adventures of our five heroes. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets Ashley Benson about the post of Pretty Little Liars , know that the site TVLine has unveiled the date of return of the last episodes of the series. And it is on April 18 that we will find the show for what promises to be the most incredible end you can imagine. Indeed, Marlene King and the cast promised us that we would be downright surprised by the latest revelations ahead. Thus, the executive producer of the series had even revealed some very surprising dialogues on the Series Finale . Between a wedding, death and twists simply unimaginable, no doubt that Pretty Little Liars will remain etched in our memories.
But then, what fate awaits those who are harassed for nearly seven years? Toby will he survive his wounds or are we going to say goodbye? Spencer she can recover from such a loss? Aria will she finally marry Ezra? With the return of Nicole and the kiss ignited the two former lovers exchanged, it is certain that the happy ending of the pretty brunette is far from assured . One thing is certain, many questions remain in suspense and look forward to finally know how to end the history of our Liars. Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Ezria a pair of wedding photo was leaked in season 7 of Pretty Little Liars . Did you wait to see the end of Pretty Little Liars?