Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries: The most useless characters of 2016

Cinema 30 December, 2016

We know that in every series there are unnecessary characters. What were those of 2016? Between The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars, the editor of melty made the point!

Each series has its strengths and weaknesses … While we have an update on the characters who had to say goodbye in 2016 in Game of Thrones, Arrow or The Originals , now we will focus on unnecessary characters . In the series, there are sometimes too many characters and does not always understand their role … Moreover you can downright say they do not add to the intrigue is that called unnecessary characters and unfortunately there are many. No series is spared and it is a pity. But then what are the most useless characters in our favorite series in 2016? Whether in The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars or Game of Thrones , here in our characters that were not conspicuous by their usefulness … The poor!
Attention, The Vampire Diaries is one of the series that abounds with the most useless characters. We think immediately of Matt, who since the beginning of the show of TV of Julie Plec becomes unbearable. His character is almost useless and in the long run, we think he should have died first. Tyler also did not shine in season 8, as he did a flashback. No tie, the werewolf is dead in 10 seconds by Damon. Yes, it was really useless, just like Sarah Salvatore who also came back to die.
Pretty Little Liars is surely the series that has the most unnecessary characters. The very first is for us Paige, the (ex) girlfriend of Emily, who serves no purpose other than to lecture moral. Nor did Syndey and Sarah shine by their presence. Suffice to say that these characters were really useless just like Jason DiLaurentis who made only brief appearances in 2016.
Teen Wolf is a series where we adore almost all the characters … But of course it does not escape the rule and it also a totally useless character who happens to be Hayden. Liam’s girlfriend did not help much except to be her girl-friend … Will she have a more important role later on? To have !
Once Upon A Time has a very (too) great cast. We even manage to lose ourselves by force. For us, the most useless characters of 2016 were Merida, who just managed to get kidnapped. Also, in this season 6, Aladdin and Jasmine just made a presence. Their roles do not add much to the plot. Hopefully their characters will be more exploited afterwards!
Arrow season 5 was a real surprise. New team and especially new boyfriend for Felicity. Unfortunately, his character was more than useless, although we already do not appreciate it. Detective Malone made very few appearances and sometimes he was simply not mentioned in the episodes …
Arrow season 5, Olicity, couple, Detective Malone, Felicity, unnecessary character, dead, boyfriend
In season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, Leah Murphy finally returned to the TV show, but for what purpose? His character is useless and does not advance the plot, just like Andrew DeLuca. Aside from bringing problems to Alex, which makes us hate him, it is rather useless. Certainly Alex was wrong, but we will always be in his camp! In any case, the cast of Gray’s Anatomy is rich but some characters do not bring much to the story …
Game of Thrones also has a far too important cast. It is not always evident to remember all the characters. However, Rickon Stark is the last of the siblings of the Stark and so to say that his character does not really advance the story. It is so secondary that one almost tends to forget it! Tommen Baratheon is also, but it is mainly because his character is too smooth. It’s a pity he could have potential. And you what do you think ?