Prevention : the order health of Edouard Philippe

Health 5 July, 2017

Jacques Witt / Chamussy/SIPA

Published the 05.07.2017 at 16h49


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“Prevention will be the backbone of a national health strategy discussed in the fall. “These words summarize the spirit of the general policy speech of the Prime minister. In front of the national Assembly, July 4, Edouard Philippe has unveiled the main lines of the roadmap. Without going into too much detail, nor over the measures, nor on the calendar.

The program of the government of Emmanuel Macron is rather tantalizing in terms of prevention. And the Prime minister has put the package in the fight against tobacco.
One of its flagship measures will be applied to the tobacco in a progressive manner : by the end of the quinquennium, the packet of cigarettes will cost 10 euros. In parallel, the State will have to develop the tracking of ” trafficking which undermine the health policy as much as they undermine those who comply with the law “, according to the words of Edouard Philippe.

The head of the government also relies on the vaccination. For the past several months, cases of measles resurfaced in various regions. “In the home of Pastor is not eligible,” said the minister. The vaccination requirement will therefore, as early as next year, expanded to include all of the strains recommended for children – compared with three currently.

The end of inequality

Prevent this is also to facilitate access to care, combating inequality, and reducing costs to the patient. But the Prime minister is showing more blur on the subject. It promises well for the rest to load for the glasses, the dental care and aides hearing. But this will be effective by the end of the quinquennium “.

In a statement, the National Confederation of trade Unions Dental (CNSD) welcomes this announcement half-heartedly. “Before considering the zero cost, it will be necessary that the government tackles the problem from the right point by correcting inconsistencies in tariff,” says the NSDC.

Always in the perspective of reducing inequality, the head of the government wants to improve the maternity leave and the solutions of child custody. Without saying more about its projects. Similarly, the allocations to persons with disabilities or elderly will be uprated ” as early as 2018 “. And if the minister is arguing in favour of greater inclusion of people in situation of handicap, in the educational or professional pathway, it remains silent on the means to achieve it.