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Entertainment 15 January, 2018


He does not want a divorce in the family. Prince Charles would be “collapsed” so that the wedding of her godson Tom, who is also the son of his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, is in the process of going downhill.

“Deeply sad “. “Collapsed”. Here are the words used by the Dailymail to describe the state of the prince Charles, while his godson, who is also the son of his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, seems on the point of divorce. Tom Parker Bowles would, in effect, in cold weather with Sara, the mother of his two children, and with whom he has been married for 12 years. He left the family home in Shepherd Bush (west London), and rent now an apartment not far from his former home.

“According to what they say, for them it is not a question of separating permanently, ensures a friend of the couple to the Dailymail.And there is no other woman or man in history. Their priority are the children “. A new one, which reassurance may be the prince Charles, who has always been there for his son, despite his separation from Diana, and then the death of the latter. Today very few popular with the English and of the English, the son of queen Elizabeth II could take radical decisions on the day when he will become king. As, for example, refuse to live in Buckingham palace – a place that he considers as a ” house not adapted to the modern world “, and which does not suit.

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Charles of England, Camilla Parker Bowles

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