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Entertainment 25 August, 2017

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have registered their son George in one of the primary schools and the most prestigious of England. Presentation of this extraordinary facility.

The kingdom does not skimp on quality when it comes to education. On Thursday, 7 September, prince George will make his return to the primary school like millions of other children. The young boy is about to cross a cape and accompany him to the better in his learning, his parents chose the Thomas’s Battersea School, London, an institution renowned in all of England.

According to the Good Schools Guide – the site of reference on the institution’s English school – this school is described as “what we can afford better”. It has 560 students from four to thirteen years old and is portrayed as a ” very lively, slightly chaotic, and intended for parents cosmopolitan “. The Duke of Cambridge and his wife have so obviously made the right choice even on the guide warns that ” the kids who are a little clingy might find it overwhelming “.

With many play areas, science laboratories, computer rooms, a music center and of them art workshops, the Thomas’s Battersea School also benefits from two rooms of pottery with their own oven, and a playground that is imaginative on the roof. Prince George can also count on a great hall where performances – most often musicals – produced by the children are played each year. Prince William and his girlfriend Kate have to pay almost 20,000 euros from the first year to engage the services of this exceptional place. Their son was listed as early as November 2016, a period which prince George has spent a interview convincing.

“We hope that our pupils will leave the school having acquired a great sense of social rights, they become collaborators relevant to society and that they will flourish as conscientious citizens and caring for the world,” says director Simon O’malley. Founded in 1700 on the building of the former Sir Walter St John’s Grammar School, school private, is located in the neighbourhood of Battersea, a few kilometers from Kensington Palace. Not what to scare William and Kate who will try to accompany George to school as regularly as possible.

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