Prince Harry: Does Meghan Markle require a marriage request before moving in with him?

Entertainment 8 April, 2017

Would there be water in the gas between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? The actress of Suits would have launched a true ultimatum to her boyfriend!
You may not know, but Meghan Markle recently met with Prince Harry ‘s grandmother . An appointment that unfortunately went very badly for the young woman since the sovereign did not validate at all his relationship with his grandson. Moreover, faced with this disapproval, the editorial of melty wondered if Queen Elizabeth II could succeed in separating the two lovebirds . For good reason, obtaining the approval of Her Majesty is very important within the royal family. Suffice to say that this decision is a real blow for the couple. Nevertheless, they do not let themselves be defeated and continue to spin the perfect love.
According to the website Star , Meghan Markle had agreed to settle the palace Kensington on one condition: that Prince Harry makes her officially his wife. According to one source, the actress would like the brother of the Duke of Cambridge to request it in marriage before the end of the year . “At first, no one knew if Meghan would be able to fulfill her role as a princess, but she has an incredible influence on Harry, and there’s no doubt she’ll be welcome when the time comes.” But that’s not all ! Meanwhile , “Prince Harry is ready to settle down and Meghan is excited at the”