Prince Harry: Engagement this summer with American actress Meghan Markle?

Entertainment 5 April, 2017

Prince Harry could soon get engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, his companion for a few months. According to E! News quoting a relative of the couple, the announcement of their engagement would intervene this summer, the two lovers being “on the same wavelength “.

“Harry is finally ready to settle in his couple, and Meghan feels the same. They both see things in the long run , and they know it from the beginning. Things are getting in place, “adds the couple.

Harry met with Meghan’s father

A source who points out that the accomplice duo would have been very inspired by the marriage of one of their friend who has just been celebrated in Jamaica. As a reminder, Harry, 32, would have even met the father of his 35-year-old sweetheart .
It should be noted that this marriage would not only make happy within the royal family. Undisputed evidence from the gossip sites, Meghan Markle was not invited to the wedding of Pippa Middleton , her companion’s sister-in-law, and Queen Elizabeth II would have trouble digesting that the actress had Already married. According to Public , Meghan Markle could count on the support of Prince Charles, Prince William and his wife Kate.