Prince Harry in love with Meghan Markle, he makes an important decision!

Entertainment 22 February, 2017

It’s the crazy love between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Besides, he is willing to do anything for his girlfriend and made an important decision …
It would seem that Prince Harry found shoe at his foot! Everything seems to happen marvelously between the young man and the actress of the series “Suits” . The couple is very discreet but at each of their appearance, it appears more accomplices than ever. But then, will Harry be able to ask Meghan Markle in marriage? Yes, as you know, the young woman has already been married and the British royal court does not tolerate remarriage. Who knows, maybe the queen will allow the union between the two lovebirds. In any case, Prince Harry is ready for anything for the sake of his life and made a very important decision. Will the royal family accept his choice?
This is a very important decision just taken by Prince Harry . A close relative of William’s brother told the RadarOnline website and unveiled his life plans with Meghan Markle . For his girlfriend, he is ready to settle in the United States. This is a first for a member of the British royal family: “Harry loves the United States and seems willing to share his time between Canada, Los Angeles and London, once he’s married to Meghan . ” But then, is it going to be a problem for the Queen? Well, not because the indiscreet goes on to say, “This is the logical continuation for the members of the royal family because it will be able both to take care of its royal duties and to”