Prince Harry joins Meghan Markle in secret for a romantic break

Entertainment 27 June, 2017

Prince Harry has a hard time enduring being far from Meghan Markle! So he flew to Toronto to make a nice surprise!
The Prince Harry is a real Prince Charming! While he is about to offer Meghan Markle an old jewel of Lady Diana , Kate Middleton’s brother-in-law never misses an opportunity to please her girlfriend. Prince Harry is crazy in love with the actress of Suits and has a hard time being separated from her. Meghan Markle is busy filming the series now and can not go to England. So, Prince Harry found the solution! He did not hesitate to go to Toronto to surprise Meghan Markle . “They had not been together for a while so it was exciting for both of us to see each other.”
The Prince Harry is a very considerate boyfriend! The two lovebirds then spent a very romantic weekend during which they could enjoy being together, relax and live simply like a normal couple. The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen “in several of their favorite places where people do not run immediately to the press to say that they are there. Harry and Meghan spent time at the home of friends of Meghan, Who are now Harry’s friends, too. “Harry likes to be part of his world in Toronto.” , Said the source. “It’s nice to leave London from time to time although they both love London a lot ,” she added. Prince Harry, Who made an astonishing revelation about the royal family , had already visited her girlfriend in Canada last April when the young woman had traveled to London in May. The two lovers are inseparable and seem to spin the perfect love. And you, what do you think of Prince Harry’s surprise to Meghan Markle?