Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William: What do they do with their days?

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are part of the royal family, of course, and afterwards? What do they really do with their days?
The agenda of the British Royal Family is well loaded for the coming weeks. Yes, as you know meltynautes, a great event will soon take place in England. As every year, the BAFTA’s ceremony promises to be epic. However, there was considerable misunderstanding about the organization of this event. We were very afraid to see Kate Middleton’s 2017 BAFTA readjusted . Her husband, Prince William , is the honorary president, he was keen to have the Duchess of Cambridge by his side. Being part of the royal family has some disadvantages but also a lot of privileges. Yes and then ? You always wondered what Prince William, his brother, Prince Harry or Kate Middleton were doing every day? We have the answer…
The members of the royal family do not hide! Second in order of succession, Prince William became a part-time driver of the East Anglian Air Ambulance in March 2015. However, he announced that he would leave his post to concentrate on his royal duties as well as ‘his family. For Kate Middleton , well, it’s the same thing. In addition to supporting numerous charities, it accompanies its dear and tender in its official journeys. And for Prince William’s little brother then? Very present in international sporting events, Prince Harry, who is currently dating Meghan Markle is very present alongside her royal grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Like his brother and sister-in-law, Harry is involved in many associations. Who said that being a princess or a prince was at rest?