Prince Harry: Meghan Markle charmed the royal family!

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

Meghan Markle traveled to London for the wedding of Pippa Middleton. It was an opportunity for her to meet the royal family. How did that happen ? Discover all the details!
The wedding of Pippa Middleton, whose details were unveiled , was the unavoidable event of last weekend. The royal family was in the front row and competed with chic. The wedding was also an opportunity for Prince Harry to officially introduce his girlfriend Meghan Markle to his family. Suffice to say that their first public appearance was most expected. Unfortunately, few photos have leaked but some details have been revealed. Did Meghan Markle make a sensation to the royal family? Currently at the Kensington Palace with her darling, the actress of Suits was able to be immersed in the universe of Prince Harry. What happened ? Discover it immediately!
According to Heat magazine , Meghan Marke, who would have completely seduced Prince William, Kate Middleton and their adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, also managed to charm Queen Elizabeth II. She would have met Prince Harry’s grandmother at Windsor Castle before attending Pippa Middleton’s wedding . A source revealed: “Prince Harry is completely in love and wants to include Meghan in his life as much as possible.” Rumors about a future marriage between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are growing more and more on the Web! Moreover, Abbey of Westminster issued a statement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can marry in the Church of England despite being divorced. Well that’s pretty good sign, we just have to wait … What do you think?