Prince Harry: Meghan Markle, his family is a brake for his couple?

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

While Meghan Markle saw a real fairy tale next to Prince Harry, could his family members be the cause of his breakup?
In recent months, the Prince Harry is no longer a heart to take. As you know, red is beautiful with gorgeous couple Meghan Markle . But if the actress Suits is a true model class, elegance and beauty, most family members are in turn very often at the center of controversy. Besides, there are few, Meghan Markle found herself in spite of herself at the heart of a new scandal . The pretty brunette has faced in the arrest of Thomas Markle Jr , his half-brother. The reason ? The 50 year old man was arrested for a gun to the head of Darlene Blount , his girlfriend that he attended for only two months. According to the revelations reported by the Daily Mail , it is after an altercation that incident occurred. A bad publicity whose royal family would have gone well. So that we question, all these bad buzz can they be a drag on the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?
The idyll of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be on track to last. Moreover, the interpreter Rachel Zane in the series Suits met Kate Middleton . But while the couple looks happy, the young woman’s family could be problematic. If it is known that his father Thomas Markle went bankrupt in September 2016, Markle Samantha’s half-sister of Meghan Markle did not hesitate to clashing on this in the US media . The latter confided in the columns of The Sun how the actress was opportunistic, pushy and obsessed with glory in his words: “The royal family would be dismayed to learn what she did to her own family the truth ruin. His relationship with Prince Harry. ” Statements that did not go unnoticed at the time and that do not help the couple. And when you know that Queen Elizabeth II is very conservative nature and loves discretion, things get complicated . In other words, the relationship between the two lovebirds is not likely to be a long, quiet river. One can only wish them courage. Do you think the couple formed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will last?