Prince Harry: Soon on honeymoon with Meghan Markle? Discomfort…

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

It was inevitable that it happens …
le-prince-harry-lors-d-une-reception-orgThe Prince Harry may well have sought a way to the less vehement that savings to his girlfriend Meghan Markle on media harassment that hit her like a tornado three weeks ago, it seemed almost a given that he would escape no curiosity about their love story, during his two-week tour in the Caribbean. Began on 20 November in Antigua and Barbuda, it will not take long for that first set foot in the dish. And not just that: it is the Prime Minister who dared local!
The evening of a first special sports day activities while the American actress of her heart ended in Toronto filming of season 6 of the series Suits she is the heroine, the emissary of Queen Elizabeth II was Monday invited to a charity reception in his honor by Prime Minister Gaston Browne. If the youth of the island invited to the event had seen the intimate instructed not to discuss the love story Royal with the British visitor, the head of government has provided for its estimated share and, in front of 300 people, … simply suggested his country as a honeymoon destination: ” I understand that there might be a new member in the royal family very soon it seems that there could be a new princess and I want. only tell you that if you were to decide to go on honeymoon, while Antigua and Barbuda will welcome you We were elected best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean -. and one of the best in the world, then there will be no other place as special to spend your honeymoon when the day comes , “dared Gaston Browne, anxious not to the representative (son and grandson) his queen in such an embarrassment. And in fact, Prince Harry seemed particularly embarrassed, blushing and avoiding the gaze of his interlocutor while fiddling with his shirt, according to the observations of the recommended English daily The Telegraph .
I’d be a good girlfriend for him
Obviously very forceful, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda does not stop there: ” What happens here does not come out of here, then do not worry ,” said he assured Harry before he makes the acquaintance of six countries of the beauty queens. Despite this good moment, Antigua is not Las Vegas – where the English prince has left sour memories – and the guest politely declined to pose for pictures with the Miss Antigua Leanda Norville: ” Of course j ‘would be his princess. Everyone at this party would like. his girlfriend seems to be a good woman, but I’d be a good girlfriend for him , “said she commented boldly.
During the reception where he offered the Prime Minister a photo album of the visit of Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on the island in 1977, Harry will actually see all the colors, since he also encountered a young man who offered to exchange his red suede shoes ( “are only legal?” joked Harry) against his title of prince: ” Not at the moment ,” the brother refused Duke of Cambridge.
The day after the destabilizing evening, Prince Harry visited Tuesday the island of Barbuda. There had already come: he was then 12 years old, in April 1997, and it was only a few months before the death of his mother Lady Di. By boat, he was able to explore the mangroves and admire frigates (especially males, with their impressive red gular sac) in a bird sanctuary.

Later, Prince Harry visited a primary school which was celebrating the 93rd anniversary of its founding. Music, books and pictures were in the program, but also a cooking class, learning to gut a fish.
Then he went to the Botanical Gardens Victoria Park to unveil a plaque marking the place belonging to the Project Canopy Queen, a program to protect forests in the countries of the Commonwealth.