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Entertainment 22 August, 2017


In a documentary devoted to eating disorders, and soon to be broadcast on the uk channel , Channel 4, the prince William said he is ” very proud ” that his mother, Lady Diana, has spoken publicly about her battle against bulimia.

In audio recordings made in the early 90’s, Lady Diana explained to have suffered from bulimia in the 80’s and it revealed the cause : her married life with prince Charles as a priesthood, and during which it will be exhausted in the effort. Especially after the birth of his first child, William, in 1982, when the blues was overwhelming. Indeed, it is at this period that the ” princess of hearts ” has fallen into depression. ” Bulimia started the week after our engagement (February 24, 1981, editor’s NOTE) and would take a decade to overcome “, explained the mother of William and Harry, revealing also the trigger of this disorder : ” My husband put his hand on my waist and said ‘ Oh, there is a little covered by here, isn’t it ?’. “ A little phrase totally murders the address of a young woman not yet in her twenties, who will cement a decade-doubt and lack of confidence.


A disorder on which his eldest son, prince William, spoke for the first time on the occasion of a documentary entitled Wasting Away : The Truth About Anorexia , and broadcast by Channel 4 on Thursday 24 August. Intervention the fruit of his encounter with the british journalist Mark Austin, whose daughter has fought a battle “devastating ” against anorexia. In effect, the husband of Kate Middleton was contacted this last after you have read one of his articles in which he expressed his inability to cope with the distress of his daughter, Maddy, 22 years old, ” dangerously ill “. Therefore decision has been taken by the prince of the host, under the gold of Kensington Palace, Mark and Maddy Austin (recovered since). A conversation filmed in the course of which the young woman has been entrusted by the father of George and Charlotte, how much Lady Diana has inspired and enabled him to overcome his suffering.


William, whose objective in appearing in this documentary is to encourage them to ” normalize the conversation around mental health ; we need to be aware of it and do not hide in the darkness in which it degrades. The fact that you were talking about is incredibly brave, but this should become very normal. “, explained the prince. An interview during which Mark Austin asked him if he was proud that his mother has shared his story with the general public : “Absolutely ! These things are diseases and they should be treated. Mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health “. And added later : “I really hope that George and Charlotte will grow up in a world where mental health will be completely normalized and where we can speak freely without being ashamed or accused of weakness “.

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