Prince William, who has gone through mourning very young, consoles a father orphan

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Twenty years ago, this year, Prince William lost his mother, Princess Diana, in tragic circumstances in Paris. He was then 15 years old.
The three billion viewers who followed the live broadcast of the funeral of the Princess of Wales did not forget the young silhouette of the adolescent following the funeral procession. If this personal drama has wounded the Duke of Cambridge in the depths of his flesh. He made it stronger too. At the age of 34, William was able to find the right words to console a little girl, a nine-year-old fatherless. Heartbreaking.
It was their first official visit in 2017 . The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to London at the Anna Freud Center, which works to improve the lives of thousands of children suffering from mental health problems. While Kate listened carefully to the harrowing testimony of poor mothers, face personal tragedies, Prince William sat at the side of the small Aoife nine years . ” Do you know what happened to me? I lost my mom when I was very young too. I was fifteen and my brother, twelve, “then entrusted the Duke of Cambridge at the little girl. At the age of three, Aoife lost his father, washed away by pancreatic cancer. ” Did you talk to your dad? It’s very important to talk about it. Very, very important , ” insisted Prince William, while empathy.
An astonishing speech by the Prince, always very restrained about the loss of his mother. Shocked, the mother of the little girl confided later: ” I was astonished to hear him speak of his mother. It was very moving and I had to take it on myself not to start crying. I’m almost succeeded . I told my children that if they had to remember one thing of that day, it was what he (the prince, ed.) Had said about the importance of speaking. The children will not forget . “