Prison Break: Episode 6 tonight, will Cyclops catch Michael and Lincoln?

Cinema 9 May, 2017

While episode 6 of the Revival of Prison Break will be broadcast tonight on the FOX, back on the main lines of “Phaecia”!
Can Michael and Lincoln take cover? And yes the meltynauts, even if our hero has finally managed to lead his group out of Ogygia prison, nothing is yet acquired and they will have to fight like never before in order to escape from Yemen. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our criticism of Episode 5 of the Prison Break Revival in which Michael unveiled the truth , let’s go back in great detail to the broad lines of “Phaecia” broadcast tonight on FOX . And the least we can say is that the small group is now alone and destitute . Remember, C-Note, Sheba and the children had no ” Other choices than taking off their plane leaving Michael, Lincoln and the other inmates in a desperate situation that led to the death of Sid. A terrible loss that should leave marks on each of them and especially on Michael who almost sacrificed the young man while working for Poseidon.
Without resources, our fetish characters will start a frantic race in the desert. Indeed, Cyclops will be thirsty for revenge and have only one idea in mind: catch them before they can cross the border. Meanwhile, A & W and Van Gogh will begin to ask questions about their true role in this whole story . Are they really chasing the bad guys or are they teaming up with someone who hides his game? Finally, Sara will continue to wonder about her marriage to Jacob. Is her husband really innocent or has he any deep connection with Poseidon? In any case, new secrets should come to the surface and we are eager to discover them. While waiting for more information, (Re) discover the promotional video of episode 6 of the Prison Break Revival on melty. Do you look forward to seeing Michael’s family again?