Prison Break: The official launch date finally unveiled!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

While the most unconditional fans were finally waiting for an official date for the return of Prison Break, it is now done!

Finally a date! And yes the meltynauts, never a series will have made us wait so long. After months of teasing and location of confidences, the FOX finally decided to give a release date in the Revival of Prison Break. This should satisfy the most loyal fans even if we will still have to wait a few weeks. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that Wentworth Miller would be the second guest of the SuperHeroes Con III , know that the revival of Prison Break will be launched on April 4 on FOX. We will have to wait until spring before we can revel in the new adventures of Brothers Scofield and Burrows. Both say that we are downright eager to finally learn more about the mysterious resurrection of our hero . Better, most of the characters who made the show’s fine days will also be part of the game. And with Paul Scheuring at the head of the creative team, no doubt that inspiration should still be there.
But then, will Michael finally have the chance to meet his son and lead a quiet life? Will he reconquer the woman of her life? Where is Lincoln after all this time? Will the new characters be friends or enemies? So many questions we desperately want answers. One thing is certain, in view of the trailers unveiled in the drip by the FOX, it is clear that the general state of mind of the series has not changed and that we will be entitled to an action cocktail , Emotion and rebound. Ingredients that have made the success of Prison Break on its release in 2005 . Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Sara would not die trying to save Michael from the Revival of Prison Break . How will you wait until April?