Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 2, Michael prepares his escape in the promo video!

Cinema 5 April, 2017

While episode 2 of the Revival of Prison Break will be released next week on the FOX, let’s discover together the first images of “Kaniel Outis”!
A new escape! And yes the meltynauts, if our hero says not to be Michael Scofield, no doubt that it is indeed him. Indeed, who else could decide to escape by taking several detainees? He is finally back and for the most unconditional fans, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing Michael on a new plan that promises to be brilliant. While Melty’s editorial proposed you to discover our review of episode 1 of the Revival of Prison Break , let’s return together on the first images of “Kaniel Outis” recently unveiled by the FOX . And the least we can say is that Sara will be more involved than ever in the events. So, It will force T-Bag to find out what happened to Michael over the last seven years . The opportunity for it to be squarely essential, even if it is thousands of kilometers from Yemen. But Lincoln will have a lot to do too.
Completely stunned by his brother’s words, he will realize that all these years have had a profound impact on his personality. But he will be especially disconcerted when he learns that Michael has decided to escape and that Lincoln’s presence in Yemen has not changed anything in his plans. Will we soon see the long awaited reunions of the two brothers? According to Paul Scheuring’s confidences, we will have to wait some time before finding out what Michael is involved in . One thing is for sure, the next episodes look completely crazy and we are eager to discover the continuation of a series still appreciated by the fans. Waiting for more info, find out everything you need to know about the first two episodes of the Prison Break Revival on Melty.