Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 3, Lincoln attempts to escape from Yemen in the promo video!

Cinema 13 April, 2017

While the episode 3 of the Prison Break Revival will be released next Tuesday on the FOX, let’s discover together the first unpublished images of “The Liar”!
Will Michael succeed in escaping? And yes the meltynauts, the plan of our hero seems flawless and it is from next week that he will carry it out. But will he really be able to regain his freedom? While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our review of Episode 2 of the Prison Break Revival , let’s go back in detail to the first unpublished footage of “The Liar” recently unveiled by FOX . And the least we can say is that everyone will be in danger in an episode that looks intense. It must be said that to see Michael in full escape should already fill us with happiness . Moreover, He will say again a sentence become cult for fans of the first hour: “pass the wall, this is only the beginning.” Meanwhile, the climate will become very violent in Yemen forcing Lincoln to flee. But can he recover his passport in time to escape the murderous madness of the country?
At the same time, T-Bag will trap Sara in order to be able to warn her that two ill-intentioned people are following her. Thus, Van Gogh and A & W seem determined to attack it. Will the young woman protect her family? Hopefully, Michael’s message will arrive in time and she will have already devised a strategy to escape . One thing is certain, the mystery thickens and our doubts about Michael’s loyalty have never been so great. Did our hero really decide to sacrifice his family and his life in order to become a terrorist? Will Lincoln succeed in discovering the end of the story? We crossed our fingers. While waiting for more information, discover our review of episode 1 of the Prison Break Revival.