Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 6, Can Michael die before seeing Sara in the promo video?

Cinema 3 May, 2017

While episode 6 of the Revival of Prison Break will be released next week on FOX, let’s discover together the first unpublished images of “Phaecia”!
Is an escape possible? And yes, the meltynauts, if the flagship series of FOX offers breathtaking twists for a few episodes, there is no evidence that our heroes will manage to flee from Yemen before it is too late. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our criticism of Episode 5 of the Prison Break Revival in which Michael unveiled the whole truth , let’s discover together the first unpublished images of “Phaecia” recently unveiled by the American network. And the least we can say is that the deaths of Kellerman and Sid should not be the last ones since Michael could well push his ultimate breath of life, After the images of the trailer. And the most heartbreaking of all this is that it is Sara who will see our hero when he is about to die . We do not hide from you that we are terribly impatient to see them find themselves after so many years of separation.
But before, Michael, Lincoln and others must find a way to escape from Yemen. Unfortunately, they will have to start their race against time in the desert while Cyclops, more thirsty for revenge than ever, will do its utmost to catch them before they can cross the border. Do they have a chance to get out? Meanwhile, A & W and Van Gogh will begin to wonder if they are looking for the bad guys while trying to catch up with our favorite characters. Will they open their eyes to their boss, Poseidon? One thing is for certain, we are anxious to know if Jacob is really sincere with Sara . Pending further information, Discover the confidences of Paul Adelstein on the death of his character in the Revival of Prison Break on melty . What do you think of these unpublished images?