Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 8 tonight, Mike in great danger!

Cinema 23 May, 2017

While episode 8 of the Revival of Prison Break will be broadcast tonight on the FOX, back on the main lines of “Progeny”!
Will Jacob be lenient with Mike? And yes the meltynauts, last week we discovered that Jacob was none other than Poseidon. Even though we had doubts from the beginning, Sara’s husband managed to confuse the tracks with brilliance. But then, will he finally admit his ultimate goal? While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our criticism of the Prison Break Revival episode 7 in which Sara and Michael were finally together , let’s go back in detail on the main lines of “Progeny” broadcast tonight on the FOX . First of all, know that Michael and Lincoln have only one idea in mind: that of catching Poseidon and putting it out of harm’s way. With Mike in danger, The two brothers will be all the more determined to prevent Jacob from continuing his terrifying reign . They will then decide to join the help of Sheba and C-Note who should have returned to the United States. Will Poseidon finally be arrested?
Pa so safe! Indeed, difficult to imagine that Jacob has no more than one trick in his bag. It did not take long for him to realize that Sara was playing the comedy and that she had understood everything about her husband’s identity. Meanwhile, Whip will embark on a rather dangerous solo mission while T-Bag will be back and reveal a terrible secret. One thing is certain, the Revival will end very soon on the FOX . But then, will the two brothers succeed in returning to their relatives in the United States? In any case, the last episodes look spectacular. Meanwhile, find Paul Scheuring’s confidences about a possible season 6 for Prison Break.