Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 9, SPOILER Dead in the Season Finale!

Cinema 31 May, 2017

While episode 9 of the Prison Break Revival has just been released on FOX, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to a fan favorite character!
A sad end! Yes, the meltynauts, if this Season Finale had anything spectacular, it nevertheless caused a real suffering in the hearts of the fans since we had to say goodbye to a character that we had attached ourselves over the episodes. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover the latest spoilers on the Prison Break Revival’s Season Finale , the gentle Whip was unfortunately killed by A & W during a bouncing episode. This news is particularly difficult to accept when we know the link between Whip and T-Bag. Indeed, throughout “Behind The Eyes” , father and son got to know each other and were just beginning to love each other. Even though the character of T-Bag had committed monstrous acts, his new role as a father seemed to fill him and lead him on a new path: that of redemption. He will now have to fight to avenge that son he barely had time to discover.
And if we believe the final minutes of the Season Finale, he should have the opportunity to foment his revenge since Jacob aka Poseidon was imprisoned at his side in Fox River prison. It remains to be seen whether we will have the chance to witness this vengeance since the series still has the possibility to be renewed for a sixth season . Fortunately, the Revival did not end with an unsustainable suspense which would allow us not to be frustrated if the leaders of the FOX decided to stop there. One thing is certain, we were delighted to see our two favorite brothers again. While waiting for more information, (re) discover our criticism of the ” Episode 8 of the Revival of Prison Break in which Michael was overwhelmed by the events . What do you think of Whip’s death?