Prison Break, the Revival: Episode 9 tonight, will Michael save his family in the Season Finale?

Cinema 30 May, 2017

While the Revival of Prison Break will end on tonight on the FOX, back on the main lines of a promising Season Finale!
Will everyone survive unharmed? Yes, the meltynauts, after several weeks of intense struggle, Michael and Lincoln are finally back in the United States. Unfortunately for them, Jacob seems to always be one step ahead of them and he did not hesitate to use Mike in order to reach our hero. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our critique of the episode 8 of the Revival of Prison Break in which Michael was overwhelmed , back in detail on the outline of “Behind The Eyes” aired tonight on The FOX . First of all, know that the family of our favorite characters will be extremely threatened in the Season Finale and that Michael and Lincoln will not have to worry, Other choices than engaging in a race against time to protect Sara and Mike. But can they really achieve it when they are sought after by all the police forces in the country? Let’s hope they can count on their most loyal friends to help them.
Meanwhile, Poseidon will continue to try to trap Michael and the rest of the group using increasingly sophisticated strategies. We will then witness the final confrontation and be forewarned, not everyone will survive! One thing is certain, the Revival of Prison Break has enjoyed a lot of us for a few weeks and we are very sad to know that it is already finished. But Paul Scheuring has already confided that he had several ideas for a potential season 6. That could delight the fans of the first hour. While waiting for more information, know that the Revival of Prison Break arrives soon in France since it will be broadcast on June 15 on M6 .