Prison Break, the Revival: Mike in Danger, the reunion of Sara and Michael, a season 6, Paul Scheuring tease the sequel!

Cinema 21 May, 2017

While Michael and Sara have finally found themselves in the Revival of Prison Break, their son is unfortunately in danger. Paul Scheuring took the opportunity to teaser the rest!
The long awaited reunion! And yes the meltynauts, after several weeks of waiting, Sara and Michael finally found themselves last week on the FOX . Rejoicing reunion for all fans of the couple. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our review of the Prison Break Revival 7 episode in which Sara and Michael finally met , let’s go back in detail to Paul Scheuring’s confidences in an interview with ET Online. First of all, know that the creator of the show orchestrated very carefully the reunion of the couple : “One of the strongest assets of the limited series, Is to see Michael and Sara together who try to overcome all the obstacles by working as a team through their love. It was very important for me to have this meeting come into play early enough in the season so that the viewers could see them together for several episodes but it also had to happen too soon for the fans to be able to exclaim: They finally found each other! ” But then, what did Michael feel when he saw his son? “When Mike finds his son for the first time, he is thrilled to see that Mike is blooming, alive and beautiful, but he knows he was not there for him, and he is also aware that Mike ‘ A bad guy, it’s a terrible combination for Michael,
But Paul Scheuring was also mentioned as Michael’s father: “It’s a question for season 6 of Prison Break and who knows if there will be one?” But there is a real duality in this question. Is a solitary wolf with a goal he never loses sight of, but he has never been able to be part of a family unit, he is an extraordinarily loyal boy as he can be seen when he is ready to go At the crazy ends to save his brother from prison.One can only imagine that he will be just as loyal with his son.That is what offer us new themes for a potential season 6. ” One thing is certain, these are not the ideas that are missing for a sequel! Meanwhile next week, (Re) discover the promo video of episode 7 of the Revival of Prison Break on melty . What do you think of these confidences?