Prison Break: The Revival soon arrives in France!

Cinema 24 May, 2017

While the Revival of Prison Break will be completed as soon as next Tuesday in the United States, the new season will land very soon in France. To your diaries!
Coming soon ! Yes, the meltynauts, in a few weeks, we will be able to sing again the generic so emblematic of Prison Break since the new season of the show will be broadcast very soon on M6 . The opportunity for those who prefer to follow the adventures of Michael and Lincoln in the French version of feasting. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of episode 8 of the Revival of Prison Break in which Michael was overwhelmed by events , it is June 15th that the sixth channel will broadcast the Revival. And if you are fans of the first hour, No doubt that this new chapter should fill you so much the ingredients that had made the success of the show are to go. In addition to finding the spirit of Prison Break with this infallible suspense and these emblematic strategies, you will also be able to attend a particularly moving meeting between all the iconic characters of the series.
C-Note, in particular, proves extremely important in this season linking a strong and unfailing friendship with Lincoln. Everyone is back except Mahone whose story had been perfectly completed at the end of season 4. In short, Paul Scheuring has concocted a new strand crazy and just as pleasing as the previous ones. It would be unfortunate to deprive ourselves of all that a potential sixth season is still topical. Indeed, it would seem that the whole team of scenarios is already on the blow if the FOX offered them the possibility to propose new stories. We count on you to be there! Pending further information, Find Paul Scheuring’s confessions about Sara and Michael in Season 6 of Prison Break on Melty . Are you eager to find the emblematic brothers of M6?