Prison Break: The series back in March!

Cinema 30 December, 2016

After weeks of unending wait, Dominic Purcell has FINALLY unveiled the date (or almost) of the return of Prison Break.

Since 2009, we expect the return of Prison Break forward and good news: Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows (and others, of course) return soon on FOX (for the French broadcast on M6, it has not yet details) . And this is Dominic Purcell Lincoln alias person in the series who announced the news on his personal Instagram account . ” @prisonbreak #prisonbreak MARCH 2017.” “He wrote, without giving more details on the exact day and time of the broadcast. What a beautiful end of year gift for fans of Prison Break but the 46 year-old actor could have a little more info (like beginning or end of the month?) , We agree!
So, waiting to learn more about this new season, netizens debate on social networks and for proof, according to the magazine The Independent, there were more than 19.5 million entries “Prison Break” on Twitter between May and August 2016. Phew, right? Want something even more impressive than that? It may well be that Lincoln saves his brother Michael through his tattoos in the Revival of Prison Break; Here is an info that makes you want to be in March 2017 and especially to watch the first episode that already announces audience records!