Prison Break: Will Michael and Sara meet next week on M6?

Cinema 23 June, 2017

While Prison Break has just been broadcast, what will happen next week on M6?
Suspense! Yes, the meltynauts, Michael, Lincoln and others will manage to find the soil of the United States? The road is still long on M6 . While Melty’s editor suggested discovering our review of Prison Break’s Revival episode 8 , let’s get back to the details of what’s coming next week. In “La Traversée”, Michael and Lincoln will meet Sucre who will take them to Crete. Unfortunately, Michael will always be very bad in point forcing Sara to join them aboard the boat they have borrowed . There, she finally discovered the identity of Poseidon and began to fear for the safety of her family.
In “Descendancy” , Michael and Lincoln set foot in France and finally reach the United States. But things get complicated as A & W and Van Gogh both hold Sara and Mike. Lincoln will then have no choice but to appeal to Sheba and C-Note. Finally, in “The Last Plan” , Michael will face Poseidon in an epic battle. Thanks to a plan he has been preparing for more than seven years, our hero will try to put him out of harm’s way and save Mike . But can he succeed? One thing is certain, these last episodes are very intense. Waiting for next week, discover our review of episode 9 of the Prison Break Revival.