Puma: This Marine Ukiyo-E Pack will regale Swedish fans, the Disc Blaze and the Easy Rider

Entertainment 7 July, 2017

Notice to sneakers addict, Puma regale. The feline brand launched the Puma Marine Ukiyo-E Pack which consists of three sneakers: a Puma Suede, a Disc Blaze and an Easy Rider, as well as two t-shirts and a bomber. Presentation !

Puma decided to give us back the smile. Shortly after using the Minions to dress up his Disc Blaze and his Clyde, the German brand has just launched the Puma Marine Pack. There are the emblematic Suede, Disc Blaze and Easy Rider. These pairs of sneakers are inspired by the Ukiyo-E, a traditional Japanese art. But the collection especially pays tribute to Marine Day which is also known as Ocean Day. This national holiday of Japan celebrates the oceans, and Puma understood it well because she did nothing at random.

As you can see, all the sneakers in this pack have a vamp in blue with white details and a wave print. But if you want to shopper one of the pieces of this Puma Marine Ukiyo-E Pack, you will still have to wait a few days. It will be available only from July 13 on the eshop of the brand to the feline and at some retailers like Foot Patrol. But while waiting for this fateful date, you can rediscover our test of the Tsugi Netfit Puma, a pair that has been validated by several stars and that seems perfect for the summer of 2017.