Putin fan of François Fillon praised his qualities of politician

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

Between Vladimir Putin and Francois Fillon, a real admiration has created over time. Seduced by the favorite positions of the primary from the right, and his reserved personality but persevering, the Russian leader seems to have already made their choice …

poutine-fillon” Great professional ,” ” hard bargaining ” … Vladimir Putin seems decidedly Francois Fillon held in high esteem. Asked about the primary of the French right, the Russian leader praised the qualities of the former Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy , won the first round. Better for the Kremlin leader, François Fillon ” differs greatly from other politicians of the planet ” . A compliment that will surely further strengthen the confidence of primary favorite, four days before the second round.
” At first, it is closed, reserved but despite its very European way, he is able to defend his point of view ” also explained the Russian president, recognizing the sometimes mysterious side of François Fillon . Both politicians know well and appreciate a lot, to the point of tu. ” We worked together when he was head of the French government. There were many meetings, we have developed very good relations ” , said Vladimir Putin.
Alain Juppé , came second in the first round, seems less pleasing Vladimir Putin, who asked not to linger more than that on his personality. He just remembered that the mayor of Bordeaux had also held prestigious posts, Prime Minister between 1995 and 1997, then Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2011 and 2012. Considered outright as ” a friend of Moscow ,” Francois Fillon plays more clearly to Russia the prospect of a warming of Franco-Russian relations.