Quantico: Is season 2 incomprehensible?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Eleven episodes of season two of Quantico were broadcast and the plot leaves us a bitter taste of incomprehension. Explanations.
Last September, Quantico made a comeback on ABC for a second longer than expected season. The series has a quite particular status with seriphiles. There are those who simply loved the first season, others who hated it and those who, like me, were eager to discover it and found themselves particularly disappointed by the somewhat botched and clichéd intrigues. But the second season of the show Joshua Safran and worn by Priyanka Chopra (heart on it) clearly started on the hubcaps . Darker, more adult, having rid of unnecessary characters (bye Caleb), Quantico announced the color with episode 1 of season 2, shocking and full of surprises . Unfortunately, five months later, the report is alarming: one understands nothing.
The basic idea was simple (at least, that was what was believed): Alex was no longer working for the FBI and so started a new career at the CIA. Except that after a while, it was learned that Miss Parrish was on the cover for the FBI at the Farm. She has to investigate for a group that recruits CIA agents internally. Our heroes – who do not know his exact name – call this group the AIC. But from there, things get fuzzier . In the future, the Citizen Liberation Front takes hostage the G20 members and the people present. Out of these new terrorists, it seems that Ryan and Miranda are part of it. Unless that group is the AIC and our heroes are undercover?
And what about Nimah and Raina? In the first season, the differentiation was more or less easy (one wore a religious sign and the other had a western look), but this year, we eventually get lost. We do not even talk about the Ryan / Alex relation which is more complicated to follow than a problem of mathematics for preparatory classes. In short, trying too hard to send out false leads and develop plots of intrigue, Quantico has become a messy series where we took the lead and everything, for nothing . Nothing to do with Westworld who, yes, took the lead for two months, but had the merit of being clear in his explanations. To believe that the writers of Quantico do not even know where to go. Watch out, the Season 2 hearings are catastrophic and it’s a safe bet that the series sees no third season. Pending the issuance of the next episode of the series, be sure to consult the program series of the week ! And you, how do you find season 2 of Quantico?