Quantico renewed for a season 3 … but there will be change!

Cinema 17 May, 2017

What a relief ! The Quantico series was renewed for a season 3, however some small changes will have to be made. We give you all the details!
The Season Finale of season 2 of Quantico has just been broadcast on ABC. It lived up to our expectations and the season ended in style. It is true that the writers wrote it as a Series Finale with a fine end to its credit. If we worry that the series will not be renewed for a season 3, we can now be reassured. The chain has played with our nerves, leaving us in the most complete uncertainty until today. We will no longer hold on to them because finally there will be a season 3 and we can find the sublime Priyanka Chopra! However, there is likely to be a change in the school year for Quantico and Alex Parrish. What are they ? What will be the repercussions on the show? ABC? Discover immediately the first details of this season 3 of Quantico!
While Priyanka Chopra doubted that there would be a season 3 of Quantico , the latter would be born however, it would be shortened. It will consist of only 13 episodes , compared to 22 of the previous seasons. Since its launch in 2015, ABC’s flagship TV show has seen a significant drop in audiences, leaving its future uncertain. Season 1 of Quantico brought together close to 4.3 million viewers compared to less than 2.8 million for season 2. Fortunately, the channel decided to leave one last hope to Quantico and we can thank him for it. Moreover, there will be a new Showrunner since Josh Safran does not continue the adventure. To that, We can also add a deal with Netflix to offer the TV show on its platform. Finally, production costs have been revised downwards . Let’s hope the quality of Quantico is not altered! In any case, with all these changes, we want the TV show to find a second freshness. Let’s cross your fingers! What do you think of this news?