Quantico season 2: Alex discovers the truth about Owen next week on M6!

Cinema 12 July, 2017

While three episodes of season 2 of Quantico have just been broadcast on M6, discover what awaits you next week on the channel!

Can Alex really save the hostages? Yes, the meltynauts, after three episodes in tension where our heroine realized she could not trust anyone, does she have a chance to avoid another massacre? While Melty’s editor suggested you discover when the season 3 of Quantico would be broadcast, let’s get back to the details of what’s coming next week on M6. In “Influence”, Alex will discover that someone is helping the terrorists within the FBI itself and will be captured very quickly. She will then be forced to unveil the whole truth in order to save Dayana. Unless she is saved in time? In the past, recruits will have to take some crucial information from Owen, but Alex will have trouble crossing certain boundaries. In “The Art of Lying”, Alex will discover that the plan of terrorists is to release a biological weapon.

Again, Miranda and Shelby will not agree on the way forward, leaving our heroine alone in control. In the past, recruits will have the right to celebrate Thanksgiving, which will be an opportunity for Alex to be excluded from the mission. Decided to go to the end, she will leave the FBI while Ryan, Leon and Dayana will be contacted by a mysterious organization. Finally, in “Operation Seduction”, Miranda will lead Alex to the crisis zone where they will meet Nimah. She wants to save the hostages, which pushes Alex to stand on his side. In the past, Alex discovers the truth about Owen. Very soon! Meanwhile, find out what will happen in the season finale of season 2 of Quantico.