Quantico season 2: Can Alex forgive Ryan?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

This is the big question that all the fans of the series Quantico arise. Will Alex be able to forgive Ryan for his betrayal in Season 2 of the TV show? Suspense …
Season 2 of Quantico will experience a big change in September . ABC’s TV show will not be broadcast on Sunday, but on Monday night. This will have repercussions in terms of audiences but not at the level of the plot. The Winter Finale left us speechless. We found out that Ryan was hiding under the mask of a terrorist . Why did he betray Alex and especially his country? What is his goal ? The last few minutes of this episode were full of emotions and Alex also discovered the betrayal of the one she loves … How will she react in the next episodes? And most importantly, will she forgive him his behavior?
Season 2 of Quantico us full of surprises since the beginning of the show. Each character becomes a suspect and this is worse limit than in the first season. From what we could see, Ryan is indeed a terrorist and shot the wrong side . However did he really betray Alex in this season 2 of Quantico? It is possible that he is forced and forced, on pain of seeing his loved ones die. Even if there was a reason for her turnaround, could Alex forgive her? Our heroine is upright and honest, but she works with the FBI and the CIA and is smart enough to know that sometimes she has to do things she is not proud of. Will love take over? Will she go on and forgive him, if he is pardonable? In the editorial of melty, we believe the answer is yes, but it’ll have to wait January 23 to find out … And you, what do you think?