Quantico Season 2: Episode 6, a death, betrayals and Alex trapped, our critique of “Aquiline”

Cinema 8 November, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 6 of season 2 of Quantico, it’s time to discover our criticism “Aquiline” which was really intense! Beware of spoilers …

quantico-saison-1-season-1-priyanka-chopraLast night’s episode 6 of season 2 of Quantico aired on ABC. As we unveiled first single, CIA recruits had to decide to kill or not . If that decision has separated them into two distinct clans, Ryan and our heroine, Alex still had the last word and decided not to kill anyone. However, it was not without relying on Owen decided to launch the assault despite the “no” general of his recruits. Yes, the CIA is like that and she did not laugh . In this episode 6 of season 2 of Quantico, the characters were pushed to the limit and the tension was really at its peak. Besides, “Aquiline” was for us one of the most successful episodes of this second chapter. Settling, pressure, betrayals, revelations and tragic death have been the key to its success. Find out all the details of this new episode of Quantico!
Whether in the past during their training at The Farm or a year later with the terrorist attack, our characters do not know who to believe or who they can trust. This episode has staged new suspects which we were not expecting us absolutely not. After its face to face with Linda, Alex decided to believe in his story … but it should have been more cautious because everything was wrong and she is able to handle it. Linda is with the terrorists, like … Nimah Amin, who took the place of her sister! She trapped everyone but we do not yet understand what its share of involvement. Is she able to kill his friends? Everything seems possible in Quantico ! Besides, this episode was marked by a tragic death of one of the characters. If Quantico into account not bad now, this one was rather shocking. Who has been killed?
In the present, all the hostages are in a room and try to understand how they relate . They settle all their accounts and the voltage is at its maximum. People are talking, but they discover that last year, they were all in Indonesia. What happened there? At that time, Lee was taken aside and questioned. On his return, his collar is on and she died in atrocious conditions before all hostages. Please note, things get really serious in this season 2 Quantico, and this threat is far worse than anything they have ever experienced. That seek these terrorists? Why Miranda, Linda and Nimah are they involved? We also had an emotional moment in this episode as Ryan, Alex, and Nimah Shelby gathered around the tomb of Simon. In addition, Shelby has jeopardized his career by falling into the arms of Leon. She is looking for thrills and both say she found them. We had some revelations, but above many other questions by looking “Aquiline” . Strongly next week for a new episode. Meanwhile wisely, see if Season 3 Quantico is in danger! What did you think of this episode?