Quantico Season 2: Episode 6 tonight, recruits must decide the CIA to kill or not, first extract

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Tonight ABC will broadcast episode 6 of season 2 of Quantico, which is revealed via a first single!

quantico-saison-2-episode-5-episode-4-spoilersKill or not to kill! Tonight, the American network ABC broadcast the episode 6 of season 2 of Quantico, where we dévoilions the promo video, where everyone was suspect . We know through the synopsis, in the episode entitled “Aquiline” , recruits from La Ferme discover that their new mission is to decide on a deadly shooting via a drone, which will trigger memories of Alex involving sacrifice Simon. This topic is the subject of the first single that reaches us. We see the instructors explain to recruits that they are going to get to Langley, the Drone Command Center to decide to take or not. The subject is topical, since the target of the mission is in the city of Aleppo. Our hero will have only 22 minutes to decide what to do, whether to give the green light for kill or not.

The time of training will also be marked by a change in the relationship between Shelby and Leon. And Nimah Alex and Ryan will caution them not to trust Harry. The future will obviously be discussed and as we have seen in the promotional video, the voltage will peak and suspicions on the possibility that one of our hero is a terrorist are great . Besides, Alex wonders if she can trust Lydia, leading to a conflict between them. Hopefully audiences are good for this episode because we wondered if a potential Season 3 Quantico was in danger! What ‘ do you expect from this episode?