Quantico Season 2: Episode 7, a back, torture and Ryan in danger, our criticism

Cinema 14 November, 2016

Last night, ABC proposed episode 7 of season 2 of Quantico. An episode of intense, focused on torture … Discover our review of “LCFLUTTER!”
Really, that season 2 of Quantico is getting better! If we had a bit like being in front of a copy-paste of season 1 in the beginning, this second chapter continues to surprise and amaze us in recent weeks. Despite obvious similarities between the two seasons, this new salvo of episodes wants darker and less soap-esque than the previous . Especially at the editorial, it is almost wonder if one does not prefer recruits The Farm (Dayana, Harry …) to those of Quantico (Caleb, Shelby …), not you ? Now back on episode 7 of season 2 of Quantico, aired last night on ABC . Entitled “LCFLUTTER” , the episode focused on the concept of torture, both in the present and in the past. At The Farm, Owen proceed to exercise more intense, pushing his students to torture him by all means. If they succeed, it will unveil its nickname of their undercover agent. There is then particularly difficult scenes, but mostly we learn more about the recruits. Right, Dayana?
Clearly, one of the revelations of 2×07 Quantico is Dayana. We discover that the young woman grew up in Harare (Zimbabwe) and she saw / experienced all kinds of torture when she was there. It is she who manages to find the ultimate solution to crack Owen: to attack his daughter Lydia. And it works … How to explain that a CIA agent, supposedly experienced mega who constantly pushes his students to excel, also gives easily? Seriously?! Soon after, when she found herself, Dayana is torture in turn by dipping his hand in boiling water. How to explain this move? Again, the mystery around his character is whole, but it is difficult not to focus on it. Meanwhile, Sebastian kisses Harry. FINALLY! Finally, Alex feels sidelined by Miranda, Nimah, Shelby and even Ryan … but it has not said its last word and approaches Owen history to obtain information on it. And then we will repeat itself, but it would be a shame Owen ENEMY, who has almost the same role as Liam this season. For his part, Ryan is in danger!
Always in the past, Ryan wakes up in the woods, close to a ringing telephone. Everything suggests that it has been selected to join AIC (the terrorist group) and it will have to perform any of their orders. A situation that is obviously reminiscent of what Alex suffered last season, with the terrorist (Voice) … Finally, in the present, while Alex is tortured and driven to desperation by the terrorists , Miranda protects and goes to do accuse his companion complicity with terrorists. Again, we want to believe that Miranda was a very good reason to do that, and especially that it is NOT a terrorist, but everything suggests otherwise. One wonders where the writers are getting at with this intrigue; in any case it is still addicted. The 2×07 ends with two great news: the return of Claire Haas (Marcia Cross), as President of the USA this time (?! She has something to do with the terrorist attacks), and the The Farm team more united than ever and welded (Sebastian, Leon and Harry found Alex and Dayana). In the end, Quantico delivers a very successful episode this week, which ends with these words of our heroine: “I’m tired of playing nice” . Soon afterwards! And you, the meltynautes, how have you found the episode 2×07 Quantico?